About us
We  and our pets are living in Moscow, in a city apartment.
There are 3 dogs in our family now.
The oldest, the first and favorite dog - rhodesian ridgeback BIZON.
He is not for show or for breeding,
but thanks to him we fell in love with this breed!
BIZON is very proud, independent, wise, intelligent and loyal dog!

Our second wonder - imported from Belgium CHITONGA FAIRA.
She is so tender, soulful, obedient and so lovely girl!
She has  typical breed temperament and very recognizable appearance.
Faira has a lot of sport awards and successes at shows.
Faira gave birth to the history of our kennel.
The kennel "FAIRA" was registered in 2007 by FCI and we got the tatoo FAI.
Faira is the main stud dog of our kennel.
The second stud dog that we have - FAIRA ARIF KAMILIFU.
He is the best male from first Faira's litter from famous czech dog Ascot Alta Mirano.
Arif Kamilifu is good balanced dog, with very expresive and typikal head.
He has strong bones, excellent proportions and size and free movement.
The only one his extreme - the complete absence extremes (c).
Arif's owner and my friend Angelina
actively tacking part at the shows at different countries and going obedience training. 




The last one and the smallest mamber of our flock - chihuahua VIVIEN.
She is very friendly with big gods and we all love her very much!




In addition, my husband decorated our apartment by large aquariums.


Thus, the puppies in our kennel

are grown up in a large friendly family, in domestic comfort and care.

And we hope that the future owners of our pups

will be in close contact with us to receive full support and assistance.



Olga and Anatoly Syalmovy